Homeward Bound

You’re Doing Wha?

So now that some of the dust has settled and we’re in the final stages of packing up I thought I’d make a formal announcement that we’re moving back to Kansas. It’s something we’ve talked about since Josie was born 4 years ago. Both of our families are largely still in Kansas and it’s hard to raise a child away from grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.


We’d been more seriously considering it for the last 3 months or so.  We were both sitting at about 50/50 for a long time between Boulder and Lawrence.  It’s impossible to draw up a pro/con list between the two because Boulder wins every time for most things but it’s hard to put a weight on friends and family.

We had decided that we’d make a final decision about the move next summer after Josie’s surgery to remove her spleen for her blood disorder.  Her hematologist is at Children’s Hospital in Denver and we don’t want to change any of that. My wife Erica is a librarian in Broomfield and just happened to be looking at the Lawrence Public Library website and saw there was a job opening in the collection development department specifically doing development for the young adult section.  This is an ideal role for her and involves no nights or weekends which is an added bonus.

I figured with libraries being cut as much as they are she’d have a hard time finding a job even in Kansas City let alone Lawrence so I told her to apply for it and we’d see what happened. The posting closed the next day so she stayed up until midnight and filled out all the paperwork and updated her resume. They called her for an interview the next week and offered her the job the week after that. We still hadn’t decided for sure if we wanted to move so we went out to dinner at Free State Brewery and decided to make the leap.

Work and School

So obviously this put me in a bit of a bind since I’d just started a job I love at SendGrid about six months ago.  After much discussion we reached and agreement where I’m going to continue my job working remotely.  I’m going to travel to the Boulder office one week out of every four to spend with the rest of the team.  I’m so excited I get to keep my awesome job while still doing what we feel we need to do for our family. Have I mentioned we’re hiring?!?

Josie will hopefully have a pretty smooth transition since she’ll be going from Mapleton Montessori in Boulder to Raintree Montessori in Lawrence.

Timing You Ask?

So right now we’re in the process of packing up part of the house and have been remodeling our kitchen a bit to get it ready to put on the market. Erica starts her job on 9/10 so we’re moving her and Josie into an apartment there this coming weekend.  I’m going to come back and work another week here while I wrap up things on the house. I’ll move back on 9/14. We’ll be living in an apartment until our house sells here and we find a new one in Lawrence.

Well, that’s about it.  Boulder is an amazing place and will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We were married on Flagstaff Mountain and Josie was born in Boulder Community Hospital. We’ve had an amazing time but just decided we’ve had our time in the bubble and it was time to let someone else in for a turn.